Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In Memory of Kirby: 1992 - 2007

This is actually hard for me. And it's been especially hard on my parents. So bear with me today as I talk about Kirby. If, by chance, you think it's silly that I talk about a dog who's been around for half of my life, then just move on and come back tomorrow.

After 15 years, Kirby was put down this morning. I was unaware that this was going to happen. At the same time, Kirby had suffered more than his share of ailments over the past few years. It only seemed merciful that he be allowed to finally go in peace.

To this day, I'm convinced that Kirby was the most famous dog in all of Buffalo Grove. I was asked about him at my 10 year high school reunion. That little furball lived quite a good life, in most thanks to my parents. There's very little else to say. But I will say this - I'm gonna miss the guy. As I know many of you will too.

Since so many of you knew Kirby, I'm asking for your favorite Kirby memory. (Charlotte Dan: I know your favorite memory. Don't be afraid to tell everyone). I don't want to steal any of your thunder (as many of us may have the same memories). So you go first. I'll save mine for later.

Thanks for the good times, Kirby. You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Damn man I'm sorry, even though I haven't seen him in forever I'm gonna miss the guy.

I do indeed have a very special memory of Kirby, it had to be 92 or 93 when this happened, so Kirby was still a young pup. I was at your house and I think we were watching TV and I fell asleep...so what do I wake up to, a dog butt sitting on my face, I don't know that anyone else got to bond with Kirby in that "special" way, but I know it's something I'll never forget.
-Charlotte Dan

Anonymous said...

What do I say about Kirby? I remember when we first got him and Kevin said he was pudgy like Kirby Puckett, which led to his name.

I have a lot of Kirby memories like how we couldn't train him and sent him off to the Greenbergs who seemed to train him in a few days. He came a long way from his psycho sprints in circles around the house to the mellow dog on the couch. But by far the best Kirby story was when he went missing for an entire day. Everyone seemed to be looking for him and he couldn't be found anywhere. It turned out he was sleeping under a box the entire day not making a sound.

I will definitely you Kirby.

Cousin Eric

www.nachosrule.com said...

Cousin Eric and I had a brief Kirby conversation tonight. The highlights are below:

Me: I still think Kirby was the most popular dog in Buffalo Grove

Cousin Eric: he was pretty cool

Cousin Eric: he was definitely cooler than me

Me: cooler than you and me put together

Cousin Eric also regrets leaving out that whenever people would come to visit, Kirby would pee on the floor in excitement.

Anonymous said...

Kirby came to us as a belated Channukah present from the Stollers. He was always a little crazy, but we loved him just the same. To the very end, we could never quite figure out what was going on in his little head. But he was a good, sweet dog and we're going to miss him very much. I hope he's young and well and playing with Farrah at the Rainbow Bridge ! Mom


Danny said...

I know I should have put some Kirby memories up earlier but I was staying by my parents and they can't post comments there for some reason. Well here goes for memories of Kirby.

Kirby was a great dog and as many people know I loved him a lot from the start. I remember when we first got him we thought he was a mute. We could not get him to make a sound. He finally barked for the first time when he saw himself in a mirror.

At the age of 12 I remember waking up early in the morning to go downstairs to take Kirby out. I will never forget the way he would stretch out when coming out of his cage. He would get his front two legs out of the cage then bend back and forth to stretch out.

I used to love it when we would come home from junior high and Kirby would be standing at the front door waiting to play. My Mom would open the door and Kirby would come running out to meet us in the street.

While Kirby was in his Greenberg years, I used to love coming over and playing with him. No one could have taken better care of him and cared for him like the Greenberg family did.

Kirby had such a great life and so many people loved him and we will always have great stories to remember him by.

Smokeylady60 said...

KIRBY, you will be greatly missed.
I always called you a Rug Rat, but you were my one and only Rug Rat.
Enjoy playing at the Rainbow Bridge.

hugs and licks