Monday, June 18, 2007

6/17/07 Players Behaving Badly

Northwestern Nicole sends a great sports site called Players Behaving Badly. Whether you're into brawls, suspensions or drunken benders, this site has something for you. (Personally, I think she sent it because the Cubs seem to be the majority shareholders in the brawl section).


Happy Father's Day. It's rare that I post anything sappy or heartfelt. This would be an exception.


As many of you already know, the 17 year cicadas are back. I distinctly remember, 17 years ago, thinking about what an old fart I'd be when the cicadas came back. I wondered what my wife's name would be. And where we'd be living. And how many kids we'd have. Eh, maybe next time.

My mom asked me if we get the same cicadas in California. Like most questions she asks, I don't know the answer. But I gathered from the fact that nobody out in California knew what I was talking about and that I hadn't seen one all year, that no, they are not out here. So I finally found a Cicada Map. For those of you in Chicago, you might enjoy this little interactive map. The map shows where the cicadas have come out in fuller force this time.

If you're not familiar with the cicadas, they're ugly suckers. I just learned that their 17 year cycle is an evolutionary advantage since 17 in a prime number. Any predator that could evolve to attack on a more regular cycle. For example, if the cicadas came out every 15 years instead, any predator that was on a 3 or 5 year cycle would be primed for the kill after 15 years.


Like I've said before, the 2004 presidential election wore me out. The endless bickering and arguing was very tiresome. Admittedly, I made some politically charged and biased posts during that time. I can't make any promises. But I'm going to try and avoid that this time around. This isn't intended to be a political battleground. So, anything that appears political, really isn't. Now that that's out of the way, today's video is called "I've Got a Crush... on Obama".


If you don't like that, perhaps you'll like this. A "Behind the Music" like spoof on TV theme songs. If you have the time, give it at least a minute or two.

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