Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7/17/07 Everything I Know I Learned From Ferris Bueller

Everything I know I learned from Ferris Bueller.


My mom (by proxy of my dad) sends a video of a guy playing "The Toreador Song". In a way you've never seen before. Also, a shout out to my brother - TOREADOR!!!!


It's a year old already. But I'm obsessed with the song "Knights of Cydonia". The reason? I saw that it's going to be on Guitar Hero III. So I gave it a good listen through. There's something about the galloping rhythm that fascinates me. So does the acapella breakdown about halfway through.


Since I didn't post yesterday, here are some videos that will keep you busy for the remainder of the week. They're all game show moments.

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