Tuesday, July 31, 2007

7/31/07 Hi-yo Silver, away!

A few random thoughts:

  • Here's my recipe for scrambled eggs - Make an omelette. Screw up the folding a couple of times. You're done.

  • Jose Contreras is on his way to the glue factory.

  • If Barry Bonds ties the homerun record in LA, I might have to trek to San Diego this weekend.
  • You can Simpsonize yourself here. (The site was bombarded and down for almost a week).
  • I found out that the William Tell Overture is almost 6 hours when performed in its entirety. I then thought it would be cool to see a full performance. Afterwards I searched for the music online, hoping to hear the one part we all recognize. After 60 seconds of some other crap, I changed my mind.

Here are parts of the William Tell Overture you'll probably know. Again, I think I know the first one from Bugs Bunny (although it may be some other cartoon).

And of course the finale we all know from the Lone Ranger...

Time Releases Annual List Of Least Influential Americans

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