Sunday, July 29, 2007

7/29/07 Awaken, Romanian!

Today is "National Anthem Day" in Romania. Deşteaptă-te, române!


This is a fun interactive page - The Anatomy of a Black Hole.


Here's a fun quote of the day. I just came back from a soak in the hot tub. As I'm getting out, some girl I don't really know that well (I don't know her name, if that gives you an idea) asks if I really have a nacho website. I say yes. She looks at her friend and then has this look on her face like she has something really profound to either ask or tell me. I give the look back suggesting, "Yes, go ahead and ask..." She asks (And this is the quote of the day), "Is it true that some restaurants are better than others?" My mouth remained halfway open in stunned silence. There is absolutely no appropriate response to that question. The moral of the story? You're imaginging her as blond. She was brunette.


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