Monday, February 12, 2007

2/12/07 DEFCON

If I had lots of money to spend on ridiculously overpriced t-shirts, I'd buy them all at I spent at least 20 minutes browsing the selection and was particularly taken by the video game and movie t-shirts. (Honestly, if I had a $500 gift certificate to the site, I would spend it easily). I told Cousin Eric that, at one time, I had the Oregon Trail all time high score for my Junior High. Which was my crowning achievement in life. It's all been downhill since then.
Well, like I said, this site isn't down. It's just going to slow down a bit. Thanks to everyone who said, "Dude, you're such a great writer. You can't stop doing your blog." Oh, wait. That was one person. One person who I didn't even know read this thing.
This story may be a repeat from a long time ago. But since most people I know have a pretty short memory, it'll be new to just about all of us. My cousins have a code while eating dinner that utilizes the defense readiness conditions (DEFCON) of the U.S. Military. Instead of imminent war, it represents imminent need for pooping. I learned that we're usually at DEFCON 5 (peace). During the 9/11 attacks, we were down to DEFCON 3. This was also the 3rd time we've been at DEFCON 3. And only once did we move to DEFCON 2 - During the Cuban Missile Crisis. On a personal note, I woke up at DEFCON 1 and nearly crapped the bed.
I'm sort of ignoring sports since the Superbowl. It's too early to get excited about baseball. And the basketball season just seems to last way too long and doesn't get exciting until about the conference finals. That being said, I did check out SI's baseball preview for the White Sox. According the the article, "For years, Joe Crede has been the White Sox's best ballplayer." That settles it. I will no longer trust SI for any sports information.
I think I figured out the global warming answer. All of the snow that Al Gore showed disappearing from all of those mountains? It didn't melt. It just moved to New York. One hundred inches at a time.
It's my duty to announce that on February 20th, IHOPs around the country are giving away free pancakes.
Finally, the ultimate in Star Wars nerd-dom... The Wookieepedia.

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