Monday, February 05, 2007

2/5/07 Getting Strong Now

After watching Rocky VI, I couldn't let that be the last taste in my mouth (Rocky-wise, that is). So I rented Rocky IV and watched it today. Much like its 1985 Chicago Bears counterpart, it was far better than the 2006 version. And it left me far more satisfied in the end. However, I leave you with this... have you ever listened to the Rocky theme song, "Gonna Fly Now"? I mean, really listened to the words? Here they are:

Trying hard now
it's so hard now
trying hard now

Getting strong now
won't be long now
getting strong now

Gonna fly now
flying high now
gonna fly, fly, fly...

Not so inspiring anymore, is it? Maybe it's better to admit that the Rocky movies are all kind of cheesy in their own way.




In the past 10 days, three people I respect and care about have insisted that I watch "An Inconvenient Truth". So it was bumped to the top of my Netflix and it's coming tomorrow. (Some of you think that I've made up my mind about global warming. I haven't. But it's surely a hard sell if you live in Chicago this week.) Anyways, scientists have been offered $10,000 by oil companies to refute global warming evidence. You'd think with record profits they could have offered a whole lot more.

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