Sunday, February 25, 2007

2/25/07 Oscar, Oscar

My favorite part of the Oscars is when they do that montage of everyone that had died during the year. Not in a morbid way - Just in a "Wow, I didn't know he died" or "Oh yeah - I forgot about that" way. Here's where today's post gets interactive. The question for the day - Which person on that Oscar dead person tribute gave you the greatest emotion? You know, like a lump in your throat or a tear in your eye or whatever. I guarantee that your answer isn't the same as mine. (Think about it and I'll post my answer at the bottom.)


Today's Public Service Announcement: Don't smother your kids.


Also from Scrubs - A compilation of Ted's Band.


For the past couple of years, I've considered traveling the Oulu, Finland for the Air Guitar World Championships. Perhaps I should have - this guy ruled.


My answer to the Dead Guy Tribute question.... Basil Poledouris. In part because I had no idea that he had died. Nor did I have any clue who he was until 2 months ago. The reason: He composed one of my favorite movie theme songs of all time. The Hunt for Red October.


Anonymous said...

Questions to ask Primerica’s Upline Reps/Management before starting Primerica scheme

1) If I am in business “for myself not by myself”, Why do I have to sign 3 non-compete contracts and do not own my book of business?
2) If I am in business for myself, why does Primerica allow my RVP to take 2/3 of my book of business (my best two downlines) if I grow my business to pass my upline’s commission?
3) Why does Primerica charge an additional $25 over and above the commission chargeback if a client cancels. lapses, or denies a policy within the first year? Other insurance companies do not do this.
4) Why does Primerica charge $25 per month for online services to client accounts that other insurance companies do not charge?
5) Why are Primerica products the most overpriced products in the industry but pay the lowest commission rates as compared to other insurance carriers?
6) Why must I offer my upline my warm market leads before I am licensed and able to marketd to those potential clients myself? Why do I not get to sell to those leads and keep those commissions myself?
7) Why will I not get paid for any 12b-1 fees on any investment business I sell until I am Regional Leader? Who gets that fee?
8) Does Primerica charge reps additional fees for their investment licenses, training sessions, things not covered by the initial $99 per month?
9) How many people are recruited into Primerica per month? How many people do I need to recruit into Primerica in order to make $50k/year $100k/year?
10) How does Primerica expect reps to get new leads to build their book of business?

Ask your upline these questions and watch them start squirming, getting defensive, and saying that you are not coachable and ask too many questions. These are legitimate questions that they do not tell you upfront that you need to know. This companies business practices should be against the law!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I can definitely answer all of your questions...only if you live nearby. And believe me, I know my around the USA, find the 3 best business opportunities out there, I challenge you to convince me that they are better thankless Primerica. I will tell you upfront,,, you wont be able to and I'm pretty sure you have nothing going on in ur life right.

ExRVP said...

Prinerica plays big role in latest new kid on the block ! Syntatic Identity ! Everyone who ever given there childrens spcial security numbers to primerica rep ( " refferal sheet") should check there kids creeit report . Primerica mostly recruits bunch of ypung and vulnerable people and whike they get trained they gather bunch of personal info on your warm market . I saw personally 3 boxes pf peoples social security daye pf borth dr licrnse info lying around offices avilable to ANY ( including felons " in traning") !!! Florida law sued is just a begining !