Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2/20/07 Vegas, Baby

You may wonder why I frequently link to the Sports Guy. Well, today he writes about spending all-star weekend in Las Vegas. The following are quotes from the article (which, after you read them, it should start making a whole lot more sense why I like him):
  • "This column is extremely long, even for a Simmons column. Do yourself a favor and print it out, then read it when you have 20 minutes to kill. And if you planned on reading it in the bathroom, please know that ESPN.com is not responsible for any hemorrhoids that happened because you sat on the bowl too long."
  • "On the bright side, now that every female in Vegas dresses like a hooker, it's impossible to tell the real hookers from the fake ones, which means we'll probably have a Vegas-themed game show called "Hooker or Looker" some day."
  • "At the ESPN party at Tryst, we were all hanging out when they started blasting that "Milkshake" song again, only it sounded slightly different, and we looked up and realized that Kelis was standing on a makeshift stage singing "Milkshake" about 40 feet away from us."

There are times that I wonder if he and I are long lost cousins. Although, I'm sure he doesn't wonder the same thing about me.


Over the weekend I ended up talking to some people about The Great Space Coaster. Which yielded two not-so-desirable results. One, we got into the other post-Woodstock, drug-induced shows of our childhoods. And, secondly, I've had that theme song stuck in my head for 3 days now.

So yesterday, I ended up searching on other shows from my childhood. Which surfaced some deep rooted memories from a very young age. And, I'm not quite sure how to explain this... but songs that I've recently enjoyed also happen to be songs from these shows. I'm pretty sure that there's a deep, subconsciously ingrained relationship between the two. (Plus, if I ever have kids, I'm making sure that they listen to some really good music as toddlers). Some of the songs were:

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Cousin Jeff said...

call in the blood tests if he writes about nachos and goonies in the same column.