Monday, February 19, 2007

2/19/07 Robster Craws

Just a few random thoughts:

Jack Bauer's dad in this season of "24" was also Louis Skolnick's dad in "Revenge of the Nerds". Which, according to my logic, makes Jack Bauer an honorary Tri Lam.

I invented the greatest snack/appetizer for a single guy. (I'm sure I didn't invent it, but I sure as hell haven't tried it before). It's simple, quick and good:
1) Mix frozen chicken fried rice with chicken broth in a bowl
2) Microwave 6-7 minutes
3) Eat a chicken and rice soup that is way better than anything you'll find in a can

Finally, I did something this weekend I don't recall ever doing before. In a 25 hour span, I had 2 nights of sleep. At 4am on Sunday morning, I went to sleep after a very long Saturday. I awoke at 10am on Sunday morning, not fully rested, but up for the day. I spent Sunday afternoon outside, being active, leaving me pretty tired. I then fell asleep again at 9pm Sunday night. And awoke at 4:30 am on Monday morning. (Actually, now that I think about it, I may have done that before. Just not recently).


What video game character are you? (I'm upset that I ended up being Starfox - A game I've never played).


John Amaechi comes out.... as a former NBA player.


Mike sent an article of a recent photon experiment along the lines of what I was writing about last week. From the article:

"In the experiment, single photons are fired at a distant screen, partially obstructed midway by a wall containing two slits. If one neglects to check which slit a photon passes through, the photon appears to interfere with itself, suggesting that it behaves as a wave by travelling through both slits at once. But if one monitors the slits carefully (i.e. observes), the interference disappears, and each photon travels through one of the slits as a particle would."

"In 1978, however, John Wheeler pointed out that a photon could somehow know in advance whether an observation was going to be made, and change its behaviour to that of a wave or particle accordingly. To test for this possibility he thought of an experiment in which the decision to observe the photons is made only after they have been emitted."

In laymans terms, it just means that photons are fucking with us. Like they know what we're going to do before we even do it.


Along those lines, some dude made a video on "Imagining the 10th dimension". I haven't decided if the guy is a genius or if he has just consumed excessive quantities of drugs. Maybe it's both.

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