Thursday, February 15, 2007

2/15/07 Fact or Crap?

The other day, Neighbor Natalie was talking about counties. Then she told me that Louisiana doesn't have counties. Instead it has parishes. I laughed and said she was full of crap. The following day I looked up Louisiana's Counties. As I was ready to be an ass and email that "I was right" email, I rolled the cursor over the counties and they all linked to "parishes". Instead, I took it like a man and sent the "You were right" email. In response I got:

"Forty-eight of the 50 states have operational county governments. Connecticut and Rhode Island are divided into geographic regions called counties, but they do not have functioning governments. Alaska calls its counties boroughs and Louisiana calls them parishes." - NACO (National Association of Counties)

So yes... you do learn something new everyday.


Sad: My buddy lost all of his poker money online and can't re-invest into his account

Sadder: He played a free tournament today with 1100 players that wasted 7 hours of his day (until 2am his time)

Saddest: When he got down to the final 5 players, I logged in and watched the final hour


Build your own custom bobblehead. Awesome.


The Beatles meet NIN... Come Closer Together

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