Monday, February 05, 2007

2/4/07 Just Gross, Man

Today is a post for every Bears fan. This is a forum where you can talk about anything Bears. Go ahead and get something off your chest, tell a story from the game, give them praise, tear Rex a new one. Anything. It'll help, trust me.

I'll start with my Superbowl experience. (Hopefully this will inspire you in some way). I set aside all of my Bears clothes a couple of days ago. I wasn't sure if I'd wear the Urlacher jersey or the Benson jersey. I had gone with the Benson jersey throughout the playoffs, so that seemed like the logical choice. Initially I put on a long sleeve Bears shirt, a sleeveless training camp shirt and my Benson jersey. Then (Yes, I'm sort of rubbing this in) I realized it was an unseasonably 80 degrees and humid and I was sweating. So the training camp shirt came off. But I brought those extra shirts over to my neighbor's party for other viewers. My deal was simple.... If you wear the Urlacher jersey you 1) have to root for the Bears and 2) at any point if I deem it necessary to switch jerseys for karma reasons, you do it. (The switching happened twice to no avail).

I won't go into the details of the game because we all know how that went. But I decided that it would be fun that every time Peyton Manning made his pouty face or started to throw a tantrum, everybody had to take a drink. The game was a riot at first but got old just after halftime because, despite the continued tantrums and pouting, it wasn't nearly as much fun when the Colts were winning.

At about that time, I ended up moving from the couch to the floor, every minute curling up more and more into the fetal position. As the game ended, my friends wouldn't let me go home alone since they thought they had to put me on suicide watch.

I finally went to sleep around 2am. I woke up at 3am, still upset. Then I started watching the game again, somehow hoping that I remembered it all wrong. Bad idea. I didn't get back to sleep until 6am. That's my Superbowl story. I'm now less upset that I wrote about it. Now, your turn.

In case you want to talk about commercials instead, here they are.

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Charlotte Dan said...

My dog could have made better throws than Rex did. On that one pick when he threw the fade, he put enough air under it, that the corner could have gone into the stands for a beer, chugged it and still made it back in time to make the pick. I really can't blame the defense all that much, when they're on the field two thirds of the game because our offense can't put together a real drive, what do we expect them to do?