Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2/6/07 Tour De Force

Random thought of the day: I would lead a very happy life if I never hear or read the phrase "Tour de force" ever, ever again. It's grossly overused and obnoxious. To the point where I'll make one promise and one almost promise. I promise that if I ever write a book and get a review that says "tour de force", it will not make the front cover, the back cover, any inside notes, any advertising... absolutely no placement. Even if it's the only positive review I get. It will be omitted. As for the "almost promise", I'm vowing to avoid any book that gets a "tour de force" review. Unless it happens to be Harry Potter 7. That's exempt.


In response to yesterday's Rocky post, Poker Jason sends a video of the fight from Rocky VI set to the music of Rocky IV. I agree with him - It makes the fight way better. (How the fight from Rocky VI has already made the internet is beyond me. AND consider this your spoiler alert). Actually, while we're at it, here's the training montage from Rocky VI. If you want to save yourself the first hour and 15 minutes of the movie with no real plot, watch them in reverse order. That's really the whole movie right there.

On a side note, if I had known I could've watched the final 8 minutes of Rocky IV online, I would've skipped the rental yesterday.


You may have seen this game before. Guitar Hero II. I saw it at Best Buy in December and nearly spent the $75 for the game (plus another $50 or so for a 2nd "guitar"). It's like Dance Dance Revolution for people who don't like standing up. Or, in my case, just suck at dancing. The songs are great and it's challenging. Even for someone who can actually play guitar.