Sunday, December 10, 2006

12/10/06 Sevens Wonders of Your State

The seven wonders of every state.


Man, we're almost halfway through December already. (Yes, I know. That's the way old people start meaningless conversations.) But one thing I like about December. Those year end articles and TV shows. The top (fill in the blank) of 2006. The most (whatever) of the year. I love those shows.


Speaking of looking back and getting sentimental - I checked the orginal "Something I learned today" page today. I haven't quite done the math, but we're nearing the 5 year anniversary of this page.


When talking football, I tend to mention quarterback passer rating. In face, I glanced over at the San Diego game today and there was a mention of a perfect QB rating. (I think it was 155.8). But I have no idea how it's calculated. So I looked it up. It super intense. Here it is:

• Average Yards Gained Per Attempt — 3,969 yards divided by 461 attempts is 8.61. Subtract three yards from yards-per-attempt (5.61) and multiply the result by 0.25. The result is 1.403.Note: If the result is less than zero (yards per attempt less than 3.0), award zero points. If the result is greater than 2.375 (yards per attempt greater than 12.5), award 2.375 points.

• Percentage of Touchdown Passes — 35 touchdowns in 461 attempts is 7.59 percent. Multiply the touchdown percentage by 0.2. The result is 1.518.Note: If the result is greater than 2.375 (touchdown percentage greater than 11.875), award 2.375.

• Percentage of Interceptions — 10 interceptions in 461 attempts is 2.17 percent. Multiply the interception percentage by 0.25 (0.542) and subtract the number from 2.375. The result is 1.833.Note: If the result is less than zero (interception percentage greater than 9.5), award zero points.

The sum of the four steps is (2.014 + 1.403 + 1.518 + 1.833) 6.768. The sum is then divided by six (1.128) and multiplied by 100. In this case, the result is 112.8. This same formula can be used to determine a passer rating for any player who attempts at least one pass.

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