Tuesday, December 26, 2006

12/26/06 Pleo

I trust you all had a great Christmas. Somehow I ended up with a copy of Wired Magazine to my name and address. (The transition here was supposed to be gifts and Christmas, but I'm too tired to tie that all together). The problem is that I forget if I ordered it for myself or if somebody ordered it for me. It's my first copy. And there's no bow or ribbon or card. If you got it for me - thanks. Cuz it's awesome. (And I'm now certifying myself as a complete and utter nerd.) There's an article about the next generation Furby. It's called Pleo. It does all of those things that people claimed Furbys could do but really didn't. Like learn and make certain sounds if you respond in the same way to those sounds. Eh, just read the webpage.

From the same magazine, I learned that the new passports (after the new year) will have an RFID chip in them. And the best way to disable it is to take a hammer to your passport. Which, in no way invalidates it.


Alright - A new online game. In the spirit of Rocky - Play Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer. It's like Double Dragon on the original Nintendo. Then you fight Apollo Creed. Who happens to be alive again. Then I died. So I don't know if there's more game after that.


On Christmas Day, I was having dinner with some friends and was rambling non-senically as usual. My friend told me straight out that I need to find a job. Or at least find better ways to spend my free time. He's right. But maybe he'd change his mind if he knew that I found a Google map landscape that looks like, uh, you know.

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