Sunday, December 03, 2006

12/3/06 SAM-MY

So... uh, what has Sammy Sosa been doing in his time off?

A) Relaxing, keeping in shape and thinking about coming back to baseball
B) Putting lots of grease in his hair, claiming he wants to be more like Jason Giambi
C) Somehow learning to speak English fluently after claiming to need a translator at the congressional steroid hearing
D) All of the above


A film on sexual harassment. And how to avoid incidents in the office.


A "how to" film on being a cyber stalker.


Today, Poker Jason called the Chicago Bears, "The worst 10-2 team ever". I beg to differ. (I think he's just jealous. On the flip side, I'm jealous that he outplayed me in a friendly game of poker today. So I'm stuck resorting to juvenile posts like this).

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