Sunday, December 10, 2006

12/9/06 I'm Mama's Boy Otis

I think I may have posted this once. But Mrs. Charlotte Dan recommended that I try Celebrity Face Recognition. You upload a photo of yourself am it tells you what celebrities you look like. I uploaded one of the rare photos where I liked the way I looked. The website said it couldn't find a face in the photo. So, taking it all in stride, I used the option to show them where the face is. Again, couldn't find my face. So I sat home and cried all weekend.


What did coked out musicians do before rock and roll and coke? They played bass in a marimba band, of course.


Just the other day I mentioned (not for the first time) that the show "Scrubs" makes me happy. What could possibly make me happier? The Charlie Brown Christmas special. With sound clips from "Scrubs".


Start your Sunday off on the right foot and take another world geography quiz. Then spend the next 15 seconds going through a bunch of self-denial and justification as to why you don't need to know that stuff anyways. That's why they make atlases anyways.

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Mike said...

Don't feel bad. I match Usana bin Laden, some old lady, Morgan Freeman, and Kim Dae-jung.