Friday, December 01, 2006

12/1/06 White Out

There's something about toppling dominoes that makes me happy. Really happy.
Like I was saying earlier, it's good to see that athletes are being held accountable for taking performance enhancing drugs. The latest bust - darts. For marijuana. What? Damnit. Forget it. The trifecta from hell is almost complete.
Two years ago, the White Sox traded Carlos Lee to the Brewers for Scott Podsednik. This last week Carlos Lee signed a contract for $100 million. Yesterday, Scott Podsednik also signed a contract. For $2.9 million. What seemed equal 2 years ago doesn't exactly seem equal today. I'm just making an observation here.
Oh. You're wondering about the picture. Looks pretty "The Shining" kind of frightening. Right before I went to sleep last night, this was the front and center photo on I guess this guy is really mad at snow. I love mainstream media. They're funny.

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