Thursday, December 07, 2006

12/6/06 Elf Yourself

It's the holiday season again. And I'm starting to feel the cheer. No, really. There's something about women and holiday cheer. I'm risking making a sweeping generalization, but the holidays seem to be a woman thing. At least in my experience. Women seem to be the ones who want the festivities and the decorations and the gift exchanges. And you know what? As guys, we should be thankful for all of that. Because, if it were up to us, none of those festivities would be 1% of what they are. So, thanks ladies.
A special holiday thanks to Google Nicki for sending Elf Yourself and North Pole Dancing. (Be sure to upload pictures of yourself or your family/friends.) There should be some sort of slogan for this. Like - "If it was sent by Google Nicki, it's gotta be fun." Or something way cooler.
I'm in a hurry. So, lots more for tomorrow.
And oh... I went to Target today. Which means... you know... Damn Target.
(And the t-shirt. I'm back in funny t-shirt mode. And I saw a Simpsons recently where my favorite character, Ralph Wiggum, put an ice cream cone on his forehead and said, "I'm a unitard". More t-shirts to come.)

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