Tuesday, December 05, 2006

12/4/06 Star Gazing

For the stargazers out there, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter will all be bunched together this week, "making this the closest trio of naked-eye planets since 1925 and until 2053".


There's a new game on YouTube. It's called Try Not to Have a Seizure.


Wait. Gil Meche is going to get $40 million over 4 years? $34 million just went to Vicente Padilla over 3 years? What the hell is happening in baseball? These guys kind of blow, at best. If I ever have a kid and it's a boy and he's left handed... wait, the odds of that are like .2*.5*.1, (boop boop boop... 1 in a 100 chance) so it's not even worth thinking about... But in my fantasy world, I'd make sure he learned how to pitch. (Note: the .2 was made up, solely based on nothing. But the .5 was for the chance of a kid being a boy and the .1 was the 1 in 10 chance that he's left handed. Those were for real).




Most random thought of the day: You know you can shop for perfumes and colognes on Amazon.com? These are the things I learn when putting together a "wishlist" for the holidays. How long until you start getting free sample smells through the internet? Actually, I'd probably just find a way to get a free sample every day and never buy a bottle. But then again, if they figure out how to invent smell-a-net, they'll surely figure out a way to stop cheapskates like me from free sampling my way through life.

Speaking of holiday wishlists - I want one of these.

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