Monday, December 18, 2006

12/18/06 Ads

You probably don't pay a whole lot of attention to it anymore. I know I don't. But there are Google ads off to the right. I got an email from them today sending an update. I checked how many ads were clicked this month. Two. And last month? Two. For a grand total of 63 cents. They will pay me out when I hit $100 in revenue. I did the math. I'm on pace for $4 a year. Which equates to 25 years before I get a check. When I do, we're having a party.

Ah, college... The best 82 years of your life.

If I told you there was an 80s movie with Kelly Preston, Joaquin Phoenix, Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Tom Skerritt and Lamar Latrell, you'd probably give it a go, right? Yeah, so would I.

Kudos to Pro Player Pete for an admirable showing at the World Poker Tour event at the Bellagio. Out of a field of 583 (with many pros), he finished 17th.

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