Tuesday, January 11, 2005

1/11/05 Things I'm still learning

I spent the better part of today with people born in the mid-eighties. At first they didn't seem much different. I took them up on their offer to hang out on "Taco Tuesday". In fact, it was really cool of them to invite me out. But then I realized that they were all about 21 years old and I'm, well, a bit older. When "Thriller" came on the jukebox, I realized I was the only one alive when the song first came out. Even worse, I remember where I won the Thriller LP and how I won it. On the bright side, for the first time in my life I ate at Jack in the Box. Ok, it might not be a bright side some tomorrow morning, but it tasted good going down.

So, in addition to having no idea what college age dudes do nowadays, I also remembered how some guy on College Jeopardy wagered $1337 not too long ago. That's when I learned about Hacker Language. I really don't feel like writing much about this because A) if I claim to not understand the language, then I'm old and behind the times. Or B) I'm a complete nerd for explaining $1337 in great detail. So, without going into any real depth, 1337 translates to "LEET", which stands for "Elite", which is what the dude on Jeopardy was showing off with his bet. Read the link above for more info.

Other things I learned today were The History of TP, we lost 2.68 microseconds from the earthquakes a couple weeks ago (thanks Cousin Dave), and not only is 14 pounds equal to a stone, but 7 pounds is a clove, 28 pounds is a tod, 112 pounds is a hundredweight and 364 pounds is a sack. Oh, and did I mention that I have NO idea what's popular. Give the "School" song a good listen. It's kinda catchy.

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