Tuesday, January 04, 2005

1/4/05 Game Of The Week

For the game of the week that's going to drive you batty at work, I present DarkRoom. It's one of those click around and figure out what you're trying to accomplish games. But once you get started, it's hard to quit. Plus, I am stuck right toward what I think is the end. And I can't find help online anywhere. So, I'm also posting this link because I need some help finshing the game. (Update 11:15pm - I finished the game. It was fun, but wasn't exactly Excitebike).

Also sent from Mike "the reason this blog is still running because I'm kind enough to send links via email every so often" Nadel, Google's Zeitgeist. It gives you every indication of what people are really searching for.

On a more personal note, I have some job news. I had an interview about 2 weeks ago before I left on vacation. The interviewers were generally unprepared, and the lady in charge didn't even bothering clearing the three foot high stacks of paper off of her desk for our meeting. In addition to working long overtime hours, they insisted that I work the graveyard shift. I received an email saying that they wanted a phone interview with managers in India at 9pm one night this week. Despite the high crappy-factor of the job, I emailed them back and let them know that I'd be free any night they chose. I then received another email in response, letting me know that they changed their minds and no longer want to talk to me. They were also kind enough to send feedback. For the first time in my life I was accused of giving "flippant answers". This led to their concern of, "If he does that in an interview, will he be belligerent on the job?" And my favorite is the last line from the interviewer, "However, he impressed the Manager of Application Development although I felt he did not provided thorough technical answers. But, I am not technical." There's really not much more to say about my unemployment journey for today. Except in the immortal words of Odd Todd, "For now. For what it's worth. It beats friggin' working".

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