Wednesday, January 19, 2005

1/19/05 Second Term

Jib Jab's back again with another animated dealie - Second Term.

Need a pen? Take note (no pun intended) of the company's name.

Define awkward. Ahh, you've almost have to feel bad for Bill Gates. Ok, just kidding. You don't.

Ok fellas - Is someone hounding you to make your bed? Your mom? Your woman? Voices in your head? Well, good news. Leaving your bed unmade is healthier for you.

Did anybody else watch the show "Distraction" on Comedy Central last night? It was like watching a train wreck. I wanted to look away, but I just couldn't. It is the most heinous, awful game show I have ever seen. People were clipping clothes pins to their own faces. They were getting bottles and chairs smashing over their heads every time they buzzed in. In the bonus round, one dude had already won a car, and then the other contestants came back out with paint and sledgehammers. For each question the winner got wrong, the other contestants would mess up a part of his new car - The headlights, paint on the roof, the doors and the windshield. Anyways, it airs on Tuesdays in case you're interested.

For anyone interested in my world of interviewing I have now had 3 final interviews since I moved to California. You know, where I dress up in a suit and talk to people for half a day. Anyways, I'm batting a Joe Borchard-esque 0 for 3. Now, I'd like to recap the feedback from each of the three companies.

Interview #1: Very professional. Definitely (insert company name here) material. Too technical.
Interview #2: Unprofessional. Flippant. Belligerent. Technical managers were impressed, but head interviewer was not.
Interview #3: Very professional. Good understanding of business processes. Not technical enough.

What I'm to take from this is that I'm both professional and unprofessional, and both too technical and technically lacking. Damn, I'm smooth. Wanna stroke my beard?

The question rolls over from yesterday since nobody answered (and since I don't have another one to post). What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

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