Thursday, January 06, 2005

1/6/05 Don't Think

Has anyone else seen the new commercial??? Their slogan is "Don't Think", as in, "Don't Think about the money. Just pay us and take a trip." I couldn't make this up if I tried. In the commercial somebody says, "Who will fill in for me at work?". The response is, "Don't Think". And, I swear to you, one guy says, "My legs are broken", and you see him sitting on the floor in two casts that go up to his crotch. Again, they respond, "Don't Think". What the hell kind of message is that??? "It's ok, be an idiot. We know you don't have the money to get to Vegas and back. But it's ok. Just 'Don't Think'". This is why I try and not watch TV. TV seems to be the holy shrine of "Don't Think".

On a side note, the commercial came on while I was watching Scooby Doo and the Monster of Mexico. They were searching for the Chupacabra, which is an actual mythical creature said to suck the blood from goats. It was an impressive Scooby Doo movie.

Ok, here are 17 reasons the Yankees will still not win the World Series.

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Anonymous said...

A wise man (me) once said, "Nobody doesn't expect Mexican chupacabras to vacation in the Wisconsin Dells." Words to live by.