Wednesday, January 12, 2005

1/12/05 Oedipus Complex

After spending time with college students last night, I have a fond appreciation for the creativity that is fostered at universities. In my opinion, it's a shame that this kind of creativity is frowned upon once people graduate. That being said, I found what I consider, by far, the best essay on Oedipus I've ever read.

I've always been squeamish when it comes to surgery and medical things. I sometimes can't even watch an entire episode of ER (and it's not due to the acting). But I found a pretty neat knee replacement game thingie. I had no idea how a knee replacement worked. Now I do.

Do you look like your dog? These people do.

I imagine that this page is what it's like to trip on acid. Except when you're tripping on acid, you can't just click on the "x" and shut it off.

And finally, a guide to being Jewish. Even Jewish people might learn something new from this little animation.

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