Friday, March 11, 2005

3/10/05 What the Bleep Do We know?

Google Nicki sent me a link to What the Bleep Do We Know? She sent it cuz she's doing work with them. But I checked out trailers for the movie, and it looks great. Well, great if you're into science and the mysteries of life and the universe and nerdy stuff like that.

Spanish Muslims are issuing a Fatwa (religious decree) against Osama bin Laden. This is long overdue. Since September 11th, I've said that the solution to terrorism is simple. The leaders of the Muslim community need to separate themselves from the extremists and state publicly that they do not agree with Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida and that Osama bin Laden is not following the beliefs of Islam. Without this message, it would be like Christians saying nothing about the KKK. That's just as unproductive as giving full support of extreme organizations.

As you can tell, I was in a serious mood today with the facts I found. This one is no different. Alright, don't read ahead. Try and name the top 5 countries that the U.S. imports crude oil from. Here's some help - The top 5 countries account for 69% of all imports. What did you guess? Iraq? Nope, they're #6. Kuwait? #11. Saudi Arabia's the only country in the Middle East and it's #3. The top 5, in order, are Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Nigeria. So why the "War for Oil"? Something seems counter-intuitive. Oh, and out of the top oil producers? The US ranks 3rd. And Norway ranks 6th. How's that for a "Didja know?" type fact?

For my non-serious comment of the day: I got my Powerball in the mail today. I did better than I expected, but still far short of the record of 15,000+ RPM. I got up to 11,138 and my arm nearly fell off. I'll let you know when I crack major milestones (like 12,000). I'm pretty sure my arm will be in a sling tomorrow from playing with the powerball all day today. But, by summer, my right forearm is going to be extra huge.

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