Monday, March 21, 2005

3/21/05 Daniel-San

You stay focus.

I learned how to make LSD today. I once tried to make aspirin in my chemistry class and to test for impurities, we had to burn them off. My aspirin was so impure that the teacher had to clear us out of the room due to the noxious fumes. So, if by chance, I ever offer you homemade LSD... don't take it. Man, I miss Bunsen burners.

This could perhaps be the saddest invention ever made.

For people who like stats, try the Baby Name Wizard. I realize now that I have a name popular in the 60s. My brother has a 50s name, which makes sense. He's got a beatnik haircut and I'm kind of a hippie (Well for my family, I'm a hippie. I'm not really a hippie). Being old fashioned must run in my family. My dad's got a name popular in the 20s and my mom's name was popular in the 40s. To keep with the trend, I might name my kid Horace or Blanche or Esther or Clarence or something like that. My family will be all over the 1905 retro comeback trend.

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