Wednesday, March 02, 2005

3/2/05 Naughty Words

You can buy personalized football jerseys at NFL Shop. So you can make any jersey with any name and any number (0-99). Well, you can use any word except for these 1,121. My trash talking vocabulary has just quadrupled.

Game O' the day/week/whatever - Disc Golf. Honestly, disc golf is fun. This game sorta blows.

Remember the Simpsons where Homer has his Mr. X Website? That was awesome, wasn't it?

One of the many reasons I can't commit to being a full time teacher - I might go ape shit like this guy. Then some student would video tape me on his video phone and plaster it all over the internet and I'd end up on some worthless blog that's supposed to be about nachos but instead it's about the crazy teacher who insists his students stand at attention during the national anthem.

From the "I can't believe it's not acid" department - A woman can taste sounds.

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kyle t. said...

There was another "Simpsons" episode in which Bart wanted to know what badgers eat. Lisa responded, "Well, according to"

Sure enough. There was a