Tuesday, March 01, 2005

3/1/05 Assault with a Rubber Band

Happy March! Get it? It's green for both spring and St. Patrick's Day...

A level 4 offense at Liberty Middle School in Florida include "arson, assault and battery, bomb threats and explosives". Now included is Assault with a rubber band.

Remember the guy from Tennessee who got arrested while covered in nacho cheese? In a monumental decision, he will not face jail time. Michael Monn - You are an inspiration to us all.

I like that TiVo can track what people tape and replay. It helps the networks understand what people like to see. This year the most TiVo'd Oscar moment was Jamie Foxx's speech. At the party I went to, they seemed to enjoy replaying some lady's big, fake, shiny boobies.

Case of the Mondays? Here's something you might like.

After years of posting ridiculous facts, addicting games, and other really lame crap, I found an actual blog that has some merit. Eric Alterman posts "Selling a war (honestly)" on MSNBC.com. If you're looking for something funny, this isn't the article you want to read.

And finally, from nerdy fiction to nerdy reality, "Scientific wizards find real cloak of invisibility." Sounds pretty cool to me.

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