Wednesday, March 16, 2005

3/16/05 Biorhythm Chart

Check your biorhythm chart here. According to this, I am on a physical and emotional upturn, but an intellectual and intuitional downturn. I've already been reminded that I'm more than 10,000 days old. I meant to have a party for my 10,000th day, but I forgot. Oh well, 20,000 is right around the corner.

"A burp is not an answer". "Nerve gas is not a toy". "I am not my long-lost twin". Everything Bart ever wrote on the chalkboard.

At first I wasn't real impressed by this video, then I put myself in their shoes for a few seconds. It looks scary. Real scary.

Is there no end to what you can do with Google searches? Montage-a-google lets you search for images and they'll make a montage of the results. Might I suggest a search on Nachos?

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