Sunday, March 13, 2005

3/13/05 March Madness

I didn't leave my couch until after 3pm today. I had to stay inside to watch the Illini win the Big Ten Tournament and to watch the tournament Selection Special. I have a bracket set up on, so email me if you need the information to join us.

I'm going to upset more than 60% of the population by posting this article. The other 40% will think, "Yeah, we knew that".

I used to think that my brother owned the record for most flexible fingers. With all apologies, I think this guy has him beat.

Do you use AOL? Their new terms of service are raising some eyebrows.

Acer Laptop available on Ebay - Had some problems in the past with spyware.

For your weekly game, this is the coolest free Shockwave game I've seen on the internet. It's very Doom/Duke Nuke 'Em/Who Wanta Some Wang - esque.

Check out this dance video. It's actually well done in a theater arts kind of way.

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