Friday, September 15, 2006

9/15/06 The Geography Challenge

Are you ready to be humbled? Take the Geography Challenge. I got a lot of "Find Micronesia". "You selected East Timor. Micronesia is highlighted." Ouch. The 2nd time through I got some easier ones (Russia, Ireland) and managed 6/10. Usually I'm within the vicinity (right continent, sometimes one country off). But I guessed Tonga to be about 13,000 miles away from where it really is. Damn, I'm smooth. How did you do?


I read two quotes in the past 24 hours that I liked. One was sappy and the other funny.

First - The sappy... There's a church I pass on the way home from work and they put some pretty neat quotes on their board out front. (Most churches just put bake sale announcements and stuff about salvation, so this is a fine change of pace). The quote read "The best things in life aren't things."

The second quote was on a t-shirt. It read "I would check raise my grandma." You've gotta love the spawning of the new poker culture. (Years ago, my grandma would crush my brother and me at 5 card draw. So, at this point, I would probably check raise my grandma too.)


Our softball team moved down to single-A ball this season, so you'd think our chances for a non-forfeit win would improve. The fall season opened last night. After an inning, we were up 3-1. After 3 innings we were tied 4-4. After 4 innings we were down 7-6. Then our pitcher had a Javier Vazquez, 3rd time through the lineup implosion. Combine that with my 2 errors at 3rd base (one ball between my legs and a throw to first off-target) and probably 4 or 5 additional team errors, we somehow gave up 2 touchdowns and a field goal and entered the bottom of the 5th inning down 24-6. Seriously. 17 runs. Before recording 3 outs. In a coed league. I really couldn't make that up. Needless to say, we got one last chance in the bottom of the 5th and the game got called on account of us sucking. It's a good thing I'm not an abusive alcoholic with a kickable puppy. (Note: Please don't hurt animals. Animals are just like people. Except they never grow up, never talk back, lick your legs and, in general, have no idea what's going on. So they're like furry, mentally challenged people. Ok, I'm done digging my hole. I could erase this who animal abuse thing and avoid looking like a complete dick, but I've put too much effort into it at this point that I'm just going to leave it as is. So, not only can't I play 3rd base, but I'm an asshole for insinuating that animal abuse is ok and comparing mentally challenged people to animals. I was merely trying to make a point that I was upset last night, mostly with myself, for sucking so bad.)

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