Tuesday, September 26, 2006

9/26/06 Black Liquorice Power

There are two types of people in this world. Those that like black liquorice and those that don't. That very debate resurfaced again today at work. Then some dude in the far corner yells out, "Why are you making this a black thing? What about red liquorice?" At which point everybody (in my very multi-cultural office) had to get their office-friendly racist joke in. And I simply sat stoically in my black panther, black power pose (fiercely defending my preference of black liquorice). Why this story? Cuz I found the whitest and blackest names. And, despite the crappy transition, I wanted to tell that story. So there. Black power.


Old and Busted: String Theory. New Hotness: Loop Quantum Gravity, Twistor String Theory, Causal Dynamical Triangulations, and Non-Commutative Geometry.


I think it would be cool to be a bee keeper. That's it. It would just be cool.


Are you feeling down about yourself? Some call it Seasonal Affectional Disorder. Doctor Me says that life just sucks sometimes and you need to learn to make the best of it. Doctor Me also prescribes reading this guy's obituary -

"Thomas L. Cook, who died at 54 when he was fatally hit by a car Sept. 11, spent much of his life recovering from the misadventures that plagued him even in the womb.

"He was kinda accident-prone, I swear to God, even before he was born," said his sister, Mady Eitani. "

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Mike said...

According to the authors of Freakonomics, it's not about race, but socio-economics: