Monday, September 25, 2006

9/25/06 Terry Bevington

I just felt like searching on "Terry Bevington" today. (Probably because I'm sickened by the 2nd half collapse of the White Sox - Which, is worse than I realized. And I just wanted to remind myself of how bad things were a decade ago.) Google yielded some discussion forum. Which yielded some priceless quotes, such as:

"Besides the fact that all his players hated him, and he was/is a disgusting human being (when he got fired a writer saw him on the way out of the park and wished him well, Bevington told him he wished the guy a slow and painful death, I believe it was Joe Goddart), the only thing you really need to know is he went out to the mound once to remove a pitcher, and had no one warming up in the bullpen." (If memory serves correctly, Cousin Danny asked him about the bullpen fiasco in person - I'll let Cousin Danny tell the whole story).

"Let's put it this way: He was such a good manager that 10 years after his tenure with the Sox, he has risen to the level (at only 49 years old) of managing the Edmonton Cracker Cats (Northern League). We saw him in Joliet a couple of weeks ago."


A long time ago I published some high resolution photo. Here's another one - Of the Sydney Harbor. Be sure to use the "zoom in" feature to truly get a feel for the quality.


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