Saturday, September 23, 2006

9/23/06 The Greatest American City

American Cities That Best Fit You::
70% San Diego
65% Austin
65% Honolulu
60% Atlanta
60% Miami
Which American Cities Best Fit You?


My buddy and fellow White Sox fan, Marc, is going to be on the Tyra Banks show on Monday. He's been reminding me, so I'm passing along the news to you. The whole show is about women who can't get a 2nd date. And he's one of the guys who goes out and gets filmed while on a date.


In nerd news - the top 10 video game weapons.


In poker I complain about suckouts all the time. In fact, earlier today I was heads up and had my opponent against the ropes 3 times. First, I tricked her by limping with A 10, then calling her all in when she had A 8. I lost that hand. Soon after, I had her all in with my K9 against her 8 7. I lost again. Finally, we were all in with my A7 against her A 3. We chopped. And ultimately she won. It was very frustrating. But the next game I played, I sucked out bigger than I've ever sucked out before. And I'm man enough to admit my terrible play. I limped with K8 on the button and 5 of us saw the flop. 200 in the pot. The flop came 876 with 2 hearts. The sb guy bets the min, there's a caller and I raise the size of the pot. The initial limper pushes all in big. It's one of those moves that I see all the time when a guy is on a draw. It stank of a guy who had a flush draw and 2 overcards. So I deliberated and called with my top pair. The guy had 9 10, for the nut straight. I feel like a complete ass for making such a terrible call. Then, the turn brings a King and the river an 8, giving me the near impossible runner runner full house (I haven't checked the odds of winning that hand yet and I'm a bit scared to). Whenever I suck out like that, I tend to thank the powers that be and make a promise that I'll take advantage of my dumb luck and play great poker from there on out. And I did. So there - I sucked out. Huge.

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Cousin Jeff said...

I plugged your read into a calculator, giving you Ks8d and your opponent AhJh, with a flop of 8h7h6s. Even if your read was right, you were slightly behind, 54% to 44% with 2% chance of a tie.

Given the real situation (assuming neither of you had a heart), you were about 7% to suck out.