Sunday, September 03, 2006

9/3/06 Squirting and Slapping

Ok, another game - Give it time to load. It's one of those games that could've almost passed as an NES game in 1986. It has shades of Contra, shades of Kung Fu, a little Sonic going for it. And it gave me shades of "Oh dear lord, I will never get that half hour of my life back" after playing it. Best of all, the goal is to make bratty little kids cry. (I'm just kidding - I don't enjoy making kids cry. But the guys at the pool today that said they were going to buy me a prostitute because they think I could never get a girl on my own - Them I wanna make cry.)

While I'm on a violent streak... Remember that hand slapping game you may have played as a kid that depended on quick reflexes? Well, these women just have it all wrong. (The ads are a little unsafe for work, just in case).

Catcher Michael Barrett may be out for the rest of the season due to excessive vaginal tearing.

And now we return to our regularly schedule programming - Saved by the Bell (this clip, for some reason, is marked as inappropriate by YouTube).

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