Thursday, September 21, 2006

9/22/06 Robot Chicken

I have to plug the show "Robot Chicken". Each episode goes for about 11 minutes, so even you can find the time to watch it once and give it a shot. The show uses action figure animation and most scenes are based on 80s and 90s references gone bad. Example - This week's episode showed E.T. returning to his home planet (did you ever wonder what happened when he got home?) Only to find out that he was the "retarded kid" that nobody liked. Which is why they sent him to earth in the first place. Ok, maybe it's not for everyone. But check out samples here here here and here.


Fox News and McDonald's is normally a recipe for disaster. For once, it's quite the contrary. McDonald's may be offering breakfast all day long. MmmmmmMcMuffins.


Here's the original song that "White & Nerdy" is based off of - Ridin Dirty (uh, just thought you might wanna know. That's all).


I'm allowed to brag. Just this once. After all of the self deprecating crap I always write about, I'm entitled. You've been around to hear all of the super sad stories about our softball team. We went an entire season without a real win (we had 2 wins by forfeit). We started this season last week by losing 24-6. But tonight, the stars were aligned. The planets were set up perfectly (I think it's because Pluto no longer counts). And we won. We really won. For once the slaughter rule was instituted for the other team. Final score: 16-1. Everything just seemed to go our way. We batted around in the first inning (12 players). We were up 9-0 after half an inning. Am I really allowed to brag? Sure. Just this once. Because it's never happened before. Here it is... I hit a grand slam. As I was rounding third base, the third base coach was saying to stop. Since I'm so slow, I actually had the chance to tell him, "I've gotta try". So I kept running and it paid off. Somehow I caught my breath enough to take the mound, throw strikes and not give up our normal huge inning. I felt like Freddy Garcia today. After an entire season of suckage, I somehow pitched a near perfect game. (Ok, perfect game is an exaggeration, but in softball, a near shutout is close). The funniest part of it all... Two teams were warming up for the game after ours and some guy says, "So, you guys are the team to beat, huh?"

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kyle t. said...

Did you mention Weird Al and Robot Chicken in the same post on purpose? Because Robot Chicken has animated a video for a Weird Al song off the new album. It premieres on the show tonight (9/24), but I think you can watch it online already at The song's called "Weasel Stomping Day."