Wednesday, September 27, 2006

9/27/06 Selfish Prick

In recent years, signs on the highways have told you about accidents ahead. It usually reads something like this - "Accident N I-5. Traffic Jammed." To which, I tend to have one of three reactions:

1) "Thank God I'm not heading in that direction"
2) "I'm pretty sure that if I take the 57 to the 91 west, I can bypass the traffic"
3) "Shit"

There's actually a 4th thought I usually have that is independent of thoughts 1-3. It's along the lines of "I bet the accident was caused by some (fill in your own bad driving stereotype here)".

But not once have I thought, "Gee. I really hope everyone in the accident is ok." Does that make me a selfish prick?


Why does T.O. continue to make headlines? Does anybody really care? I swear that whenever I see a link to anything T.O., I treat it exactly the same way I do the headline "Nicole Richie Doesn't Miss Former Friend Hilton". I gag. I swallow any remnants of vomit that may have made their way into my mouth. Then I shake my head in my overall disappointment in humanity. Then I move on. That all takes a total of 1.5 seconds. Which is a second and a half longer than I'll ever spend on writing about T.O. ever again. You have my promise.


I haven't seen the videos yet. But this page appears to have lectures on Quantum Physics for beginners. Let me know if they're any good.


I was talking to a guy at work about "White & Nerdy" when he told me to Wikipedia "Nerdcore Hip Hop". He says that some of these guys put Weird Al to shame. Naturally, I'll be checking them out to validate/invalidate his bold claim.

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