Sunday, January 14, 2007

1/14/07 Put Your Sack on Hasselbeck

Ok. So it took since the last time the Bears played the Seahawks (in October?) to find this picture. But here it is. (I've yet to see another copy of it on the internet, so I'm calling squatters. You know - you can link to the photo, but just give credit). "Put Your Sack on Hasselbeck" - just awesome. Equally as awesome as the Bears moving onto the NFC Championship game. (In case you were wondering - I was curled up in the fetal position with my Cedric Benson jersey over my mouth for the final quarter and a half of the game today. I'll surely be a mess next week too).
Neighbor Natalie sends PostSecret. People send postcards with confessions, secrets, whatever... and every week the website is updated with these anonymous posts. It's deep and creepy at the same time.
Only because so many of you worry about earthquakes in California - the top 20 earthquake states. (Yes, your state is on there too).
I started my weekend in a very happy way. So I want to send that happiness to you for the beginning of your week. Here's Bob Ross painting a Winter Pond.

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