Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1/24/07 Odds

Today we're talking odds and forecasting. The Superbowl stuff comes later. Right now, we're talking 2008 presidential odds. The top 4 front runners are already McCain, Giuliani, Clinton and Obama. (On a side note did you watch the State of the Union address? What was up with Dikembe Mutombo? Shouldn't he have been with his team?)


I suppose the next couple of weeks might force me to post some Bears stuff every now and again. First, Tank Johnson has been given permission to play the Superbowl. (For those in my family, pay special attention to the 3rd paragraph).

Also, a PG-13 video of Sexy Rexy. I agree that he could possibly be the worst quarterback ever to play the Superbowl. And if I'm Tony Dungy and the Colts, here's my defensive plan... Eight guys in the box to either stop the run or pressure Rex. Which forces Rex to win the game under pressure. It's that simple.

The Colts are favored by 7 points over the Bears. I'm not a sports gambler, but I'd still take the Colts if my life savings were on the line. On the flip side, I'd take the Bears at +210. Because it seems like either the Colts will win this in a rout or the Bears will somehow run the ball, eat up the clock, get a key turnover or two and win it.


And for fun.... Two Weird Al interviews:

Kevin Federline

Jessica Sampson

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