Tuesday, January 09, 2007

1/9/07 Red Rocket

Today I have a few things that I just think are "cool". No jokes. No rants. No insights. Just links.

I got a clip of Johnny Knoxville doing one of his "Jackass" stunts. The clip is funny. The fact that my dad sent it might be even funnier.


Dracula's castle is for sale. (No joke here. It's just pretty cool.)


All of the inside-the-park home runs from 2006.


They call this the "4th Dimension Roller Coaster". The name is a little lame. But the video looks pretty amazing.


And a sad moment... one which I'll try to turn into a moment of reverence. The cartoonist for Scooby Doo died today. Scooby Doo was by far my favorite cartoon as a kid. So, thank you to Iwao Takamoto for some great memories.

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