Monday, January 15, 2007

1/15/07 Boop. Beep. Season 6.

Wedding planning is stressful. (So I hear). Sometimes little disagreements come up and decisions have to be made. Like deciding whose last name to take. This couple made a competition out of just that. (If you know me well, you're probably guessing it's rock paper scissors. It's not). It's 18 holes of miniature golf.


My freshman year high school history teacher said that he could make a perfect circle on the chalkboard using his perfectly circular rotator cuff. It looked something like this.


Who else watched the season premiere(s) of "24"? It's not all that often that I have verbal outbursts while sitting alone. But in the last 15 minutes, I perked up and found myself saying , "Oh Shit!". Then, a few minutes later, much louder, I shouted, "Holy Shit!" After today's episode, I feel like a woman in a hair salon needing to talk about some otherwise unimportant celebrity gossip. Oh, and I'll save the episodes for a week on my DVR in case you missed it and want to curse out loud too.

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