Thursday, January 04, 2007

1/3/07 The Office

Ok. I gave "The Office" a chance. I gave it way more than a chance. Since just about everybody I know talks about it, I had to. After the first season (Netflix, of course), I didn't quite get it. But I kept watching. After the first DVD of the 2nd season, I still didn't really get it. (I got it, it just wasn't quite my style of humor). By the time the 2nd DVD came, I couldn't stop watching it. And by the 3rd and 4th, I was really enjoying it. So as of tonight, I'm through season 2. But now I'm 3 months behind on season 3. Which led me to NBC's piece of shit website, looking for back episodes - you know, so I could catch up on those 3 months of season 3 and be "in" with the "in crowd". And when all of you ask me "Did you see "The Office" last night?" - maybe, just for once, I could say, "Yes. Yes I did." Well, bend me over and call me Sally - They don't have full episodes online. They have 2 minute "recaps" instead. What in the hell happened to NBC? ABC had no problem getting us all caught up with "Lost". Please, please tell me that there's a place where I can find the episodes I'm missing.


All I really have today is YouTube stuff. This is my favorite - Spiders on Drugs. (I highly recommend watching the whole thing.)


I don't know if this is safe for work. (It is YouTube safe). You can decide on your own. But they're actual sex ed videos for the mentally retarded in the 1970's. I just thought... you know, it shouldn't matter what I thought....

For boys

For girls (The 3 hole thing is confusing for me - and I've never tested as mentally retarded).


Did we need another reason to love Scrubs?


Oh, here's a non-video. I saw a headline "Herpes Might Cause Alzheimer's". And I thought - Hmm, that's actually kind of interesting. Then I read "More than 80 percent of Americans are infected with HSV (Herpes Simplex 1)." Now that, I didn't know. All I could think then is... Wait, do I have herpes? And do you? And is it really that dangerous if all of us have it? And how can they test this Alzheimer's theory when the vast majority of Americans have herpes? Then I got sidetracked and started researching how viruses work. But you don't need to know how lame my afternoon was.

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