Sunday, January 07, 2007

1/7/07 War Offensives

Mike sends more uplifting news for 2007 - The coming war between Israel and Iran is right around the corner. Israel plans to attack Iran's nuclear facilities? Nuclear powered bunker busters.


My dad sends George W. Bush's latest plan - A sudoku offensive.


I went on a little kick and just typed "propaganda" into YouTube. One of my favorite videos is an anti-LSD ditty from the 1960's.


It's been a while since I've written about a poker hand. But I was involved in a good one yesterday. In my home game I keep "Player of the Year" points. And yesterday was our "Tournament of Champions" for the top 10 players of 2006. Seven players showed up. I got a little lucky and ended up heads up with almost equal chips to the other guy. With 35,000 in play, I'd guess he was up 21,000 to 14,000 or so when this hand happened.

He limped on the button (heads up, the button acts first preflop) with blinds 800/1600. I look down at K6o and check it. (I thought about raising, but any raise commits me to going all in against a reraise. Plus, I'm comfortable playing post flop against most opponents). The flop comes A 5 4 and I check. He checks behind. I think to myself - how awesome would it be if the turn and river bring "the wheel" (And Ace through 5 straight) - that would give me a quiet, higher straight. The turn brings the 3. So now I have the straight draw, but I check and opt for the free card. (I'd call a small bet here. Depending on how weak my opponent seemed, I could potentially check raise all in.) He checks too. The river brings the 2 I was looking for. Sweet! There's no flush possibility on the board, so I figure my best bet is to just overbet everything and look like I'm stealing a pot where the board should play. I bet 5500 into a pot of 3200. I'm just praying for a call. Instead, he does something I never expect. He goes all in. I look at him. He looks at me. I look at him. He looks at me. The ONLY hand that has me beat is 7 6. I tell him exactly that. I'm pretty sure he's got a 6 - I don't think he's going to bluff there with nothing. We had played very well for 5 straight hours and he just isn't the bluffing type for all the marbles. I think for a few seconds and decide that I'll just give him credit if he happens to have that hand exactly. I call. He flips over 7 6 and wins. (If you notice, he turned the straight and he did a very nice job of slowplaying it).

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