Monday, January 22, 2007

1/22/07 That Makes a Baker's Dozen For Me

There's no argument anymore. Chicago is a football city. I've gotten more emails, texts, links to "The Superbowl Shuffle" and pictures like this one (Thanks, Dana) than I've ever gotten for anything else, ever. I'm sure if I ever have a child, I won't receive nearly as many messages. Everyone has changed their MySpace pictures and songs to Bears stuff. Its fantastic to see so many people I know and love so caught up in this. We've waited a long 21 years for this... so let's enjoy it :)
Oh, and I just want to post ESPN's "expert" predictions for yesterday's game. Eight experts, eight guys picking the Saints.
Mike sends a fun T-shirt site that is based on artwork of everyday people and online voting... It's called Threadless T-Shirts. The basic idea is that people like you and me submit artwork for t-shirt designs. Then people vote on their favorites and, if yours wins, your t-shirt gets sold on their website.
And only because I want to inform... The top 20 science myths. Good... that should be the last time somebody tells me to go to South America so I can test whether the toilets flush the other way. Oh, and adult brain cells continue to grow.

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Cousin Jeff said...

Bear Down, Chicago Bears performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra