Friday, January 19, 2007

1/19/07 The More You Know

I went on a "The More You Know" kick yesterday. Remember those old NBC commercials that dealt with serious issues? Well, there are all sorts of fun parodies of those commercials now.


I used to like Paula Abdul when I was a young teenager. Not in the "I'm in the closet and wish I could be free and dance like her" way... more in the "she's really hot and I'd like me some of that" way. So, can somebody please find her some rehab. NOW.


I'm sure you've already heard. But the Feds are relentless. To clarify the anti-gaming law the President Bush signed a few months back - The law prevented American financial institutions from funding online games of chance. But it didn't prevent the online gaming. SOOOO... people just used other forms of non-US banking (Namely Neteller - It's like PayPal) to fund their poker games. Well, just yesterday the FBI busted Neteller executives during an airport layover. Within hours (maybe minutes), Neteller has ceased to transfer funds to gaming sites.

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