Friday, January 05, 2007

1/5/07 Triste, Triste-er, Triste-est

Sad: White Sox shortstop Juan Uribe (in the picture) may not play in 2007 due to legal troubles in the Dominican Republic.
Sadder: White Sox shortstop Juan Uribe (in the picture) is the guy they were depending on to play shortstop.
Saddest: In the past 30 hours, I watched an entire season of "24".
(Yet still managed a good workout and a full night of sleep).
(On a side note, when I was teaching English the students had to learn how to make sad, sadder, saddest for all types of adjectives. One student saw "far" and wrote far, fartlier, fartliest.)
Some guy took pictures of himself over 8 years - and put them together.
They're not all perfect... but this is still really impressive. The guy of 100 voices.
Since I watched an entire season of "24", I have no more dignity and have 2 more TV comments. First - One of the hidden surprises of DVR is coming home, seeing a show you didn't record, but looks awesome... AND just hitting rewind and watching the whole thing. Second - I still record "1 vs. 100". Why? Two reasons. 1) I can watch the entire hour in about six and a half minutes. All I want to see are the questions and answers. So, after fast forwarding through the commercials and Bob Saget's crap and the drama... there's well, about 6.5 minutes of show. 2) I'm still amazed when there's a math question. Today's question: How many 6-packs would you need for 99 beers? A) Less than 15. B) Exactly 15. C) More than 15. And something like 28 people missed it. Then a few questions later they asked about a character from "Saved by the Bell". Only 2 people missed that one. Gotta love the average American. (Note: in this paragraph alone I used cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers and letters. Like I'm taking notes in a lecture hall or something).

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