Friday, January 26, 2007

1/26/07 Project Playlist

I found a fun website the other day. This one bears mentioning since it kept me up until almost 3am. If I were to guess, I'd say that the RIAA will get wind of this and shut it down within a month. It's called Project Playlist. Using Project Playlist, you can search all sorts of sites for songs and artists. (Why the mp3 files are publicly available is beyond me). After searching and finding those songs, you can create a playlist of up to 75 songs. They allow you to make multiple playlists if you're really that into it. As an added bonus, you can easily add your playlist to your MySpace (or other social networking) site. Which frees you from using MySpace artist pages as your personal song. As of the other night, my MySpace page has a pretty robust playlist that is on shuffle. If you make a playlist, you'll know this feeling.... I'll hit play and walk away, then wonder why every song rules. Suddenly I'll feel like an idiot, since I'm the one the picked the songs.


Leave it to Maxim to be all positive.... The 50 Lamest Things of All Time.


Lifetime TV has a show called Gay, Straight or Taken? Which is close to the TV show I wanted to start called "Gay or European?".

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