Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1/2/07 Steven Banks

One of the videos that got played over and over in my house as a kid (other than the Goonies) was Steven Banks. You're most likely not familiar with him. It was one of those random cable specials that we recorded and just watched a lot. If you're into musically and theatrically talented guys, it's a fun watch (There are 7 parts and it's an hour long).


Comedy Central calls New Years Day "National Hangover Day". Here's how every conversation went with everybody I called that day:

Me: "Happy New Year"
Them: "Happy New Year to you too"
Me: "What are you up to today?"
Them: "I'm on my couch. How about you?"
Me: "The same"

I guess it seemed funnier at the time. But it's absolutely true.


Yahoo News at its finest:

Americans Optimistic for 2007

Americans See Doom, Gloom for 2007


Remember when the original Super Mario Bros. seemed so hard? Now they have races to finish it.


You know how I always ask if anybody has a copy of the 1992 vice presidential debate? Well, there's another video I'm looking for (and no, I'm not paying $49.99 on Amazon for it - and you better not either)... Donald Duck in MathMagic Land.


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